(all mint with tags)
1997 Holiday Bear   (picture)                      $22
1998 Holiday Bear   (picture) $12
Addison the Bear   (picture) $12
Almond the Bear   (picture) $12
America the Bear   (picture) $15
Ariel the Bear    (picture)                    $15
B. B. Bear   (picture) $22
Billionaire the Bear (Ty employee exclusive)   (picture) $15
Cardinal   (picture) $12
Celebrate the 15 Year Anniversary Bear   (picture) $22
Cheeks the Baboon   (picture) $12
Cheery the Bear   (picture)     $12
Chilly the Polar Bear    (picture) $12
Chops the Lamb   (picture) $12
Cinders the Bear    (picture) $12
Clubby III Bear   (picture) $25
Clubby IV    (picture) $18
Congo the Gorilla    (picture)      $12
Coral the Fish   (picture) $12
Dearest the Bear (honoring Mother's Day)   (picture) $12
Eggbert the Baby Chick   (picture) $12
Eggs the Bear   (picture) $12
Employee Bear (only Beanie produced with no hang tag)  (picture) $22
Fleece the Lamb   (picture) $12
Fuzz the Bear   (picture) $12
Giganto the Wooly Mammoth   (picture) $12
Groovy the Tye-Dye Bear   (picture) $22
Haunt the Bear   (picture) $12
Hero the Bear   (picture) $12
Hope the Praying Bear   (picture) $22
Hopper the Bunny   (picture) $12
Hornsley the Triceratops    (picture) $12
Huggy the Bear    (picture) $12
Libearty the Bear (USA Exclusive)  (picture) $25
Magic the Dragon   (picture) $12
Peace the Tye-Dye Bear   (picture) $22
Peace (Jumbo) the Tye-Dye Bear   (picture) $98
Peking the Panda Bear   (picture) $12
Periwinkle the Bear   (picture) $18
Poopsie the Bear   (picture) $12
Pounce the Cat   (picture) $12
Rainbow the Tye-Dye Chameleon   (picture)         $12
Shamrock the Bear    (picture) $12
Sizzle the Bear   (picture) $12
Slither the Snake   (picture) $12
Smooch the Bear   (picture) $25
Snowball the Snowman    (picture) $15
Spangle the Bear   (picture) $22
Spooky the Ghost   (picture) $12
Sunny the Bear   (picture) $18
Teddy the Bear    (picture) $12
Trumpet the Elephant   (picture) $12
Valentina the Bear   (picture) $12
Zip the Cat    (picture) $12

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